LoadRunner VuGen poor performance when opening or scrolling a script containing very long code lines

  • KM00614802
  • 21-Oct-2013
  • 21-Oct-2013


A workaround is provided for scripts with long code lines (greater than 27000 characters) to improve script scrolling performance.


When using LoadRunner VuGen 11.50, 11.51,  11.52 or 11.52 patch 1 (VuGen 11.5x) to open and scroll a script containing long code lines with more than 27000 characters, poor performance may be observed including scrolling taking more than a minute as well as high CPU usage by the vugen.exe process (~25%).


There is an issue with the Microsoft WPF framework which is used in the VuGen 11.5x editor.


Split the long code line into multiple shorter lines e.g. change:

char* longString  = "LongLineOfCodeLongLineOfCode";


char* longString  = "LongLineOfCode"