HP Network Node Manager i 9.2x iSPI for IP Telephony Software Documentation List

  • KM00614755
  • 21-Oct-2013
  • 18-Feb-2014


This Documentation List includes all manuals for the Network Node Manager i (NNMi) iSPI for IP Telephony (IPT) version 9.2x.


This document includes documentation list of all HP NNM iSPI for IPT manuals available on Software Support Online (SSO). The documentation list is related only to software release version 9.2x. The reason for this document is to provide links to all available manuals.


HP NNM iSPI for IP Telephony 9.2x Documentation List


Table shows new and updated documentation for HP NNM iSPI for IP Telephony Software.


Table HP NNM iSPI IPT Core Documents

Document Name
Patch 1
Patch 2
Read First!
Release Notes Windows
Release Notes HP-UX, Linux, Sun Solaris
System and Device Support Matrix Windows
System and Device Support Matrix HP-UX, Linux, Sun Solaris
Installation Guide Windows
Installation Guide HP-UX, Linux, Sun Solaris
Deployment and Upgrade
Deployment Guide
System Administration and Operation (printable online help)
Online Help Windows
Online Help HP-UX, Linux, Sun Solaris
Online Help for Reports Windows
Online Help for Reports HP-UX, Linux, Sun Solaris
Additional Information
Open Source Third-Party License Agreements


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