LoadTest fails to start with "Failed to connect to PC Service" error

  • KM00579028
  • 23-Sep-2013
  • 25-Sep-2013


In Performance Center users might experience performance issues intermittently. With as little as 2 users logged into the system when we try to start a load test we get the error "Failed to connect to PC Service".


QC log shows the following error when the issue occured:
Failed to start run. Failed to connect to PC service; Could not send Message.; ; Failed to connect to PC service; Could not send Message.;

The Performance Center environment becomes extremely slow at this point and stops responding.


Issue can occur due to several reasons:

1) IIS entered a deadlock state due to several reasons.

2) Anti-virus installed on the PC Server machine might be one of the reason.

3) If there are lot of host machines that are in non-operational state this might also slow down the system.( as PC Server constantly checks them to see if they are back to operational)



1) Disable anti-virus ( in case of McAfee, add exception for PC Service in HIPS)

2) Recycle PCQCWSAppPool at regular intervals ( in addition to fixed time everyday)

On the PC Server -> Open IIS Manager -> Application Pools -> Right click on PCQCWSAppPool -> Recycling -> Regular time intervals -> Enter 240 minutes

This will recycle the app pool every 4 hours preventing this issue from occurring and will not have any down sides.

3) Make the unused non-operational machines to 'un-available' state.