Universal Search not working in SM 9.32

  • KM00559557
  • 11-Sep-2013
  • 11-Sep-2013


The Universal Search featue in SM 9.32 doesnt work. It keeps giving the error message 'Unrecognised command. Reenter.'


The Universal Search as described in "What’s new in HP Service Manager 9.32” doesn't work as expected in OOB environment. When a Ticket ID is searched for SM shows the error 'Unrecognized command. Reenter.'

Additionally their is no magnifying glass icon shown next to the command line field.


There are two things you need to activate to use the Universal Search functionality.

1. Go to System Information Record> General tab> Check ‘Enable Universal Search’. This should get the magnifying glass to appear. The icon toggles between Search for the Universal Search function or Command for the usual Command Line function.
2. Make sure the lister process is running. This will enable the system to give a response to the search.