Profiler does not show

  • KM00559173
  • 11-Sep-2013
  • 11-Sep-2013


Profiler View does not show when using Internet Explorer Language as ‘fr-FR’


After being installed, Java Agent 9.21 shows available and working in Diagnostics Server.
Profiler view does not show.
However, when clicking on 'Show profiler', a new page is launched, but remains hang on 'wait status' during the connection to the profiler.
In the probe's logs there are no errors reported.



The cause of this issue is caused by a bug in Diagnostics when when ‘fr-FR’ language in Internet Explorer is used.
In order to verify this is the cause of the problem, user may try to add it to English instead in:

Internet Explorer > Tools > Options > General > Languages 

And move it on top to set as default.

After restarting Explorer, if Profiler shows, it is possible to apply a patch to solve this situation and keep Internet Explorer.

Support may provide patch 'HPDiagServer_9.21.147.1634 to resolve this issue and keep ‘fr-FR’ as language in Internet Explorer .