Fixes available in Performance Center 11.52 Patch 1

  • KM00494290
  • 22-Aug-2013
  • 22-Aug-2013


Fixes available in PC 11.52 Patch 1


Fixes available in Performance Center 11.52 Patch 1


This information is specific for Performance Center 11.52.

Performance Center 11.52.1 is available for download.

This is the list of fixes:

  • When adding a run to a trend report, the project and test are empty.
  • When running tests, the transaction data is not displayed.
  • At times the Add Licenses from File option in the PC Licenses Module Window is not visible.
  • Ajax TruClient for IE Vusers are getting stuck in Init State when running on a Load Generator Over Firewall machine with Agent running as a service.
  • If a test contains multiple groups and it is using duplicate runtime settings in the Performance Test Designer, the test fails to initialize and the test validation result shows errors.
  • Additional attributes added to a VuGen script from the Edit Runtime Settings dialog box are not being saved.
  • When working in Pacing mode, the Runtime Settings Duplication does not work.
  • Load Generator data is missing from the Analysis files due to collation failure.

The patch should be installed over Performance Center Service Pack 11.52.

You can download it here:

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