Fixes in Performance Center 11.52 patch 1

  • KM00489163
  • 16-Aug-2013
  • 16-Aug-2013

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Fixes in Performance Center 11.52 patch 1


Fixes in Performance Center 11.52 patch 1, taken from the release notes found in Patch 1:


Lab Management
204076 [Internal] After enabling the lab extension, the user could not create a timeslot if he belonged to a custom group created before the extension was enabled, even if the proper permissions were selected in Project Customization.

206276 Users in certain user groups could not save changes in Performance tests.
Note: In order for the user to get permissions to edit a Performance test, when granting Update permissions on Test, the entire Update folder has to be selected in the Permissions page.
Limitation: If the update folder only shows a "faded" check mark, the user has to uncheck it and check it again to grant the missing permissions.
206393 [Internal] Private hosts could not be added by some user groups.
206294 [Internal] Vusers could not be added for a Performance test when editing a Build Verification Suite.

Business Process Testing
204042 [Internal] In a versioning enabled project, removing a Business Process Testing component with thousands of iterations was slower than expected.
204738 [Internal] In a versioning enabled project, adding hundreds of iterations (each containing more than 30 parameters for a Business Process Testing component) at once, was slower than expected.
205130 [Internal] In a versioning enabled project, an error was thrown when copy-pasting a huge Business Process Test containing more than 10 thousand iteration parameters.
204309 [Internal] The "CommandList.MoveUp" and "CommandList.MoveDown" workflow events were not triggered when components were moved in a Business Process Test by drag and drop.

204299 [Internal] Changes done for Flow parameters from the grid view were not saved if after changing them, another test was selected.
205038 [Internal] ALM passwords were visible from the Business Process Testing Remote Agent log.
205203 [Internal] The status of Business Components in the last run results report was always “No Run” in cases where a required UDF was defined for test steps.
205109[Internal] When trying to run a Business Process Test with a specific structure that contained Flows and Groups, an error “Index was out of range” appeared.
205205[Internal] When trying to ungroup a components group in a Business Process Test or Flow test, an error “Item doesn’t exist” appeared.
204300[Internal] Creating many Business Component iterations from the Iterations dialog structure was slower than expected.
206220[Internal] When performing “Undo Check-out” after grouping Business Components, an error “Object Reference” appeared.
204439[Internal] When running Business Process Tests manually, an error message was raised when parameters were added to already included Business Components using the "<<< >>>" notation.
204301 [Internal] Business Process Test execution: The transition time between Business Components and between iterations of Business Components for tests with a lot of iterations and Business Components, took longer than expected.
204303 [Internal] Business Process Test execution: Execution initialization time for Business Process Tests having many Business Components and iterations took longer than expected.
204343[Internal] Business process Test execution: When trying to run Business Process Tests from a machine on which the login was done using a user name having non-English characters, an error appeared.
203703[Internal] Business Process Test execution: When trying to run Business Process Tests with many Business Components and iterations, the Business Process Testing Remote Agent crashed and the execution of the tests was stopped.
204298 [Internal] When synchronizing from a baseline containing automated components that were automated only after they were imported, the following issues occurred in the target library:
·         Business Process Tests that included such components failed when executed from the target library, using Unified Functional Testing
·         Business Process Tests that included such components ran successfully when executed from the target library using QuickTest Professional 11.00, but the execution was done in non-wrapper mode, and the execution was potentially slower
·         The keyword view of such components, when selected using the Unified Functional Testing plugin, was not displayed properly
205146 [Internal]  When upgrading projects to ALM11.5, if there were Business Components in which there were two or more parameters with the same name (but different case text) in the same Business Component, an error of “FP_COMPONENT_PARAM_IDX is not found” appeared.
203930 [Internal] Workflow event Req_CanPost was not triggered when a new folder was created in the Requirements module. 
205293 [Internal] When calling OTA from a VB Script, the interface IBaseFactory2 properties could not be accessed.
204839 [Internal] Modify permission of a table (an entity) was not aligned with its child columns (fields).
QCCR1J62938   A "GenerateBPTWrapperTest System.NullReferenceException" error occurred when running certain Business Process Testing Wrapper Tests.

QCCR1J62764 Business Components parameters could not be reordered.

QCCR1J62630 Providing multi-line values for Business Component parameters was not possible.

QCCR1J62811 Export defects to Excel could not be completed and the "Could not export to a file." error was dislayed when a huge amount of data was kept in the comments field. Export operation now warns if specific cells within the grid exceed 32k in size. The export operation succeeds, but data beyond 32k is truncated. Cells with truncated data are colored red.

QCCR1J62728 TDCommand protocol error occurred when navigating by td:// link.
204335 [Internal]After adding an Action into a QuickTest Professional test and capturing a new baseline, the library synchronization did not replicate the Action scripts to the target project.

204825[Internal] After deleting an Action from a QuickTest Professional test and capturing a new baseline, the library synchronization failed.
QCCR1J62435 Listing a release with 100 or more cycles took a long time.

QCCR1J62347 When expanding the Release/Cycle tree, an error occurred if there was a data hiding filter on user defined fields that allowed multiple values.

QCCR1J28903 Synchronizing Libraries between projects using baseline could not be completed and an error message was displayed.

QCCR1J62400 A Manual test to a remote VC project could not be copied if the test called another test with actual parameter values.
QCCR1J62635   Progress graph generation failed in ORACLE 10 ALM projects.

204769 [Internal] In an Excel worksheet created by ALM, inserting a graph based on data from only some of the rows in the worksheet caused an error when trying to save the report to the ALM server.
QCCR1J62707   Large images in rich text were cropped in the Project report.

QCCR1J62854 Versioning related fields were not included in Document Generator when Full page was used for Requirement Entity reporting.

QCCR1J62591 In Live Analysis on a copied Test set folder, no information was displayed for the Test Instance Progress Graph.

QCCR1J62808 The Select Baseline option in project reports could not be selected.

QCCR1J62684 The Rich Text field was improperly rendered in Requirements Project Reports.
This fix requires the additional manual step of uploading the ‘Style Template Fixed’ template as default Style Template for project reports.

QCCR1J62725   "Invalid Server Response" and "server is not available" errors occured in some login scenarios.
QCCR1J63008 Tyring to use the function DownloadPictures, associated with a business process object, resulted in an exception thrown by OTA: "Attempted to read or write protected memory.”
QCCR1J62356   URL attachments with non-latin characters could not be opened.
QCCR1J62461   When trying to access folders in the UI with a large number of attachments (3000+), the error "not enough storage is available to process this command" occurred on the client.

QCCR1J62610 In the Requirements Module Coverage Analysis view, when using an “OR” filter for requirements type, coverage analysis was not shown.

QCCR1J62589 Full text search on Test Design Steps did not work when the DB used was SQL Server.

QCCR1J62522 Server was muted due to an out of memory error caused by corrupted data in the CROS_REF table.
QCCR1J62460   An error was encountered when trying to enter the Set Default Values dialog after a selected default value was removed from the custom list.
QCCR1J62432   Granting group permissions to create and modifiy requirements also required granting permission to cover those requirements with tests.
QCCR1J62422   The "Failed initializing plugin Requirements Plugin” error occurred after product installation in a specific environment.
Defect Module
QCCR1J62472   In specific upgraded projects, e-mail icons appeared in the defect details dialog box on items that should not have had them (Status or Modified, for example).

Installation & Upgrade
QCCR1J62462   After project migration, accent characters in the description of the component's parameters were replaced by HTML tags.
QCCR1J62623   In the upgrade of specific projects, the following error occurred: "SQL INSERT query has less columns than actual Resource_Folders table defined".
QCCR1J62466   Project update could not complete successfully when redundant data existed in the SYSTEM_FIELD table.
QCCR1J62592   Microsoft Office Export add-in stopped responding when activated by a user belonging exclusively to a group set with a data-hiding filter.

QCCR1J62632   Rich text conversion could not be completed successfully when importing projects from QC 10.0 to ALM 11.0.
QCCR1J63332 Intermittently QuickTest Professional could not complete execution of a test in a test set upgraded from a previous version.
Requirements Module
QCCR1J62612   Filtering a large requirements tree view while keeping a hierarchical structure was slower than expected.

QCCR1J62645   Unnecessary emails were sent when clicking on Requirement History view in a version controlled project.
QCCR1J62473   Newly typed in text was formatted using bullets after the bullet formatting was cleared from existing text.
QCCR1J62708   Improper numbering was applied on numbered lists in the Rich text editor.
QCCR1J62564   Extra lines were unexpectedly added to the Rich Text field.
QCCR1J62561 The border lines of a table row in rich text were broken after merging the cells and undoing this action.
QCCR1J30738 When expanding the Release/Cycle tree, an error "Failed to Get Simple Key entity" occurred if there was a filter on user defined fields that allowed multiple values.

QCCR1J62439 In a version control enabled project, when logging in as a user belonging to a group with data hiding on test/resource, navigating to the History tab of an entity in Business Models displayed an "Index was out of range" error.

QCCR1J62686 The Rich Text field was improperly rendered in Requirements Project Reports.
There is still one limitation that font size and style of a number in a numbered list does not match the size and style of the line in the Rich Text UI.
This fix requires the additional manual step of uploading the ‘Style Template Fixed’ template as defaultStyle Template for the project report.

QCCR1J62317 For requirements from imported libraries, the green asterisk in the Test Coverage tab was displayed although there was no linked test.

QCCR1J62438 Removing Test Coverage from multiple scripts generated an error.

QCCR1J62436 In the Requirements Traceability view, the sort order was not saved.

Site Admin
QCCR1J62831 Site Analysis did not show the current day's result when selecting a Custom Period including the current day.

QCCR1J28725 Updating a conflicting user record could not be completed on a Chinese edition of HP ALM.

QCCR1J62730 Import of a consecutive LDAP user by keyword was not possible.

QCCR1J62887 ALM project could not be accessed using multi-value UDFs over Oracle 11g.
206384 [Internal] Verify/Repair inconsistency in data verification caused upgrade corruption.
Tests Module
QCCR1J62469   An error was encountered when clicking on a Test Set containing QuickTest Professional tests: "The opening tag 'br' in line 1 does not match the end tag of 'div'. Line 1. position 165".
QCCR1J62554   When copying a Test Set, the Tester field content was copied into the Test Instances in the new Test Set, although the status of the test run was No run. Now when a Test Set is copied, the Tester field is blank.
QCCR1J62614   Tests with missing configurations and orphan Run results files in the Smart Repository were not deleted from the Smart Repository (namely from SMART_REPOSITORY_LOGICAL_FILE and SMART_REPOSITORY_PHYSICAL_FILE tables).
QCCR1J62569 Two simultaneous users were not able to select or download attachments from the same entity. The entity was locked by the first user's selection of the attachment.
Note: The entity is still locked for other users when one user renames, uploads, removes or changes the description of an attachment. Other users cannot edit attachments during that time