DP- Internal error: DbaXXXX functions

  • KM00484999
  • 12-Aug-2013
  • 14-Aug-2013

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


[65:73] Media Management daemon reports: "Internal error: DbaXXXX functions."


[65:73]     Media Management daemon reports:
      "Internal error: DbaXXXX functions."

and then the object not found or access denied for the backup specs.


Table spaces were at, or near capacity

The Catalog part of the INternal Database is made up of these TableSpaces


  From ‘omnidbutil –extendinfo’, a tablespace is getting really full, for example

Base file "fn2.ext":
    Device               = /var/opt/omni/server/db40/datafiles/cdb
    Number of extensions = 0
    Maximum size         = 2096128 [kB]
    Current size         = 2063328 [kB]
Maximum size with extensions = 2096128 [kB]
Current size with extensions = 2063328 [kB]


From the GUI, the requirement is to create a new Tablespace as soon as possible  The output from

      omnidbutil -extendinfo

If the Tablespace is 100% full, this may prevent another TableSpace from being created, and some media needs to be exported

In the GUI, go to the Internal Database context, click the |+| sign next to Usage, right-click on Database Tablespace Extensions.  Pick ‘Add Database Table Extension File’.  For this example, in the new window, click the down-arrow next to Type, pick ‘fn2.ext’.  Don’t change anything, just click Finish. Then, run ‘omnidbutil –extendinfo’ again, and you should see a new ‘fn2.ext1’ file

It is advisable that this command be run every couple of weeks, if a Tablespace is getting full, you need to create an extension