STEP table of Application Lifecycle management ( ALM ) projects do not store Sprinter data

  • KM00484186
  • 12-Aug-2013
  • 02-Apr-2014


This article talks about why Reports related to Sprinter test runs can't be generated in Application Lifecycle management ( ALM )


Users can't generate reports related to Sprinter test runs from Application Lifecycle management ( ALM ). Reports related to manual tests can be generated.


When running a test using manual runner the step results for the run is saved on the STEP table, however, when running the same test using Sprinter no record is added to the STEP table.

Hence reports related to Sprinter test runs and results can't be generated as there is no data available in database.

Sprinter test run results will be stored in respective project repository in XML format.

There are two Enhancement request logged related to writing Sprinter test run data to database and generating reports for Sprinter test runs. RnD is investigating on the same.

The Enhancement Request IDs are : QCCR1J27491 and QCCR1J28717.

The status of the Enhancement Requests can be tracked from link :

NOTE : Sprinter 12.00 now supports ALM reporting . The limitation mentioned in this article will not apply when using Sprinter 12.00. Here is the link to know more on the same.