Not able to create the project in the ALM

  • KM00477640
  • 16-Jul-2013
  • 16-Jul-2013


Failed to Create Project; Maintenance task EnableExtensionsTask failed;


Getting the error to create a project in our ALM"Messages:
Failed to Create Project;
Failed to create HP ALM project;
Failed to create new project '<Project Name>';
Maintenance task  EnableExtensionsTask failed;


The path was not found.
The problem is the folder SPRINTER_EXTENSION_11.0 at this location \\nfs-sf-02a\qual-center-Dev\ALM_11_Patch10\sa\DomsInfo\MaintenanceData\SchemaXMLs\extensions\SPRINTER_EXTENSION_11.0

The actual name of available folder is SPRINTER_EXTENSION_11.00  (Two zeros instead of one zero)

updated manually with the correct folder name to resolve the issue.