ALM Server CPU usage is in very high utilization

  • KM00466908
  • 04-Jul-2013
  • 04-Jul-2013


ALM Server CPU usage is in very utilization even no one is connected.


It seems that the ALM application server is running & the DB server is shut down. So, the application server is not able to communicate the DB server in order to complete the processes, which leads the CPU usage high.

The ALM is doing the couple of internal processes are running including the garbage collection, clearence jobs etc., on regular basis; those processes are communicating the DB server as well. It might not have done the same time at every DB server shut down / start up.

It is the bad practise that shut down the DB server & ALM application server is keep running. It will cause the data corruption & not healthy of the Application server.
So, please discuss to the appropriate team to have to inform to the ALM application server admin, shut down before the DB server shut down & start the application server up after the DB server up & running. It is the proper way to have the application server in good condition.