BSM Logging Administrator

  • KM00460540
  • 21-Jun-2013
  • 21-Jun-2013


This article explains basic features of BSM Logging Administrator and how users can use it to enable debug and collect logs for troubleshooting


User can access BSM Logging Administrator at http://<GW>/topaz/logAdminBsm.jsp  prior to BSM 9.22


User can select the Process Name to locate a list of logger for debugging.

  1. Use drop down menu to select a Process Name
  2. Click on Search
  3. Change the Log Level for correponding Logger to set log level

Different from Loggrabber which collect all logs of BSM, Logging Administrator provides a function to extract logs that are associated with the process and logger that users are interested in

  1. Continue with the above steps
  2. Provide a file name in File Name
  3. Check Add to File for any logger that you are interested in
  4. Click on Add Selected Loggers To File
  5. A message would infom you the location of this personalized log files that contains selected logs with desired log level
  6. Click on Show Personalized Log Files , it will list those logs you just extract