PC doubts - MI listener LG

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  • 18-Jun-2013
  • 18-Jun-2013


PC doubts - MI listener LG


a) I was told that the MI Listener cannot be installed with another component, is that right? Or can I installed in the same machine of a LoadGenerator.
b) Can it be installed maybe in the same machine of the Controller?
c) If I have a test over a firewall, I must have a im listener and also a loadgenerator? Or the listener acts as one?


a).  Yes, for MI Listener, Standalone installation is required, you install the MI Listener component on a dedicated machine. MI Listener cannot be installed in the same machine of a Load Generator.
b). Controller and MI Listener can be on the same machine. However, when acting as the MI Listener, the Controller machine cannot have Vusers running on it.
c). Yes, At least one MI Listener and one Controller and also one Load Generator are needed while you are monitoring over a firewall.