ALM and UFT License

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  • 17-Jun-2013
  • 17-Jun-2013


ALM and UFT License


1). I have one requirement for ALM and UFT,  where customer has staging environment for ALM and UFT apart from production environment. Is there any ALM and UFT license coming free of cost which can be used in staging environment and for which customer need not to get support?
2). For UFT concurrent license, if in case, concurrent license server will go down, no UFT user will be able to access the QTP? Is it right?  If YES, then what about having backup concurrent license server of UFT?
3). In case of backup license server, Will customer get free of cost UFT license which will remain active all the time and as soon primary server will go down, backup will take over.


1). You can get 30 days trail licenses for free for ALM and UFT  evaluations. However, those trail licenses are only for 30 days use:
Besides , if the customer has purchased perpetual licenses for ALM or UFT, the customer can receive up to four (4) Non-Production licenses for each production license acquired:
one (1) for a use on a Hot Standby System, one (1) for use on a Cold Standby System, one (1) for use on a Development System and one (1) for use on a Testing System.
Please note: Non production licenses are only provided when the customer has already purchased production licenses.

2). Yes, concurrent license is available only when the Concurrent License Server is working. If the LC stops, the concurrent user cannot be able to access the QTP. If the customer has backup concurrent license server, if the main license server fails, the remaining servers will maintain the availability of the licenses without causing any downtime or loss of licenses for users.

3).  When you work with redundant license servers you request a concurrent license key for your primary license server, and that license key can be used for all your backup license servers.