Error: Connect can not be established - Last Error=64, Last client error=0

  • KM00450912
  • 10-Jun-2013
  • 30-Sep-2013


This error appears when replaying a Citrix_ICA + Web script when Citrix Web Start (NFuse) is implemented.


Error: Connect can not be established - Last Error=64, Last client error=0


This issue is to be related to the size of the ICA file that the server is sending back to LoadRunner/Vugen during the replay of the script. Vugen has a buffer limit of 5KB for the captured ICA file when using the function ctrx_nfuse_connect.

It has been confirmed that this issue is reproducible on LoadRunner 11.0X.


To capture the response with the ICA file, write it to the disc and use ctrx_set_connect_opt

  1. Remove the ctrx_nfuse_connect call from the script.
  2. Change the script to hit the Citrix portal url with a web_url call instead of a ctrx_nfuse_connect call.
  3. Use a web_reg_save_param to capture the full ICA file response from the Citrix portal.
  4. Write the ICA info out to a new ICA file.
  5. Use ctrx_set_connect_opt to point to the new ICA file.
  6. Depending on the size of the response, the function web_set_max_param_lenght needs to be added to the script with the proper value.

Review the following example code as a guide of the expected result after following the mentioned steps:

    int fp;
    char * icafile;

// ...
// ... Other recorded code removed to improve clarity of this KB
// ...

// Depending on the Citrix server, the right and left boundaries might need to be changed.
// The following function will capture everything from the server's response.
 web_reg_save_param("icadata", "LB=", "RB=", LAST);

 // The following is the function that will replace the recorded ctrx_nfuse_connect
  "URL=<Take the entire URL from the ctrx_nfuse_connect and use it here>",

// code below saves the parameter data onto the local C:\ drive, as an ICA file.

 icafile = (char *) malloc(strlen(lr_eval_string("{icadata}")) + 100);
 sprintf(icafile, "%s", lr_eval_string("{icadata}"));
 fp = fopen("C:\\\icafile.ica", "w");
 fprintf(fp, icafile);

 ctrx_set_connect_opt(ICAFILE, "C:\\\icafile.ica"); // this is the ICA file you captured to disk.
 ctrx_wait_for_event("LOGON", CTRX_LAST);
// ...
// ... Citrix Business goes here.
// ...

 return 0;