[Integration]BSM and UCMDB

  • KM00441334
  • 30-May-2013
  • 30-May-2013

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integration between BSM and UCMDB


Can the BSM 9.20 use the UCMDB 10.0 as the repository of BSM, or can this be federated ?

What I read is that they can be federated ? is this correct ?


As the repository of BSM:

The RTSM is a UCMDB instance that is managed by BSM and is an integral part of the BSM Platform. The RTSM leverages the same core technology as the UCMDB, but also serves a different purpose, as the RTSM serves as an operational repository within BSM.


The RTSM is installed as part of BSM; BSM cannot use any other CMDB instance as its internal CI repository. However, the topologies held in the RTSM can be synchronized with other CMDB instances using the UCMDB multi-instance topology synchronization solution.