IP ranges in UCMDB

  • KM00439465
  • 28-May-2013
  • 28-May-2013

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IP ranges in UCMDB


UCMDB Ver : 9.03

CP = 7.0.628

CUP = 5-121

How IP ranges in UCMDB managed/stored internally ? Is there any XML file or any other type of file where IP Ranges reside? We aware that using JMX console, we can export the IP range information to XML file. Is there any other source (DB) where IP Ranges are stored and how to access that? Please guide me on this.


The ranges are stored in a domain scope document. There is a JMX method to export it so it won’t be encrypted (Discovery Manager -> exportCredentialsAndRangesInformation) and a Java SDK method to get the ranges (DDMConfigurationService.getDiscoveryConfigurationXML).

The ranges are not stored anywhere in the DB, and are not accessible via any other means.