Overhead of OVPA to coda (EPC)

  • KM00438704
  • 27-May-2013
  • 27-May-2013


Overhead of OVPA to coda (EPC)


I have a customer question regarding the overhead of a default installation of the OVPA (Performance Agent), compared to the the "normal" OA (operations Agent with Coda (EPC))?

Are there any numbers available for CPU, MEM, IO usage overhead


Performance Agent memory utilization depends on both hardware and software configuration as many of our Measurement Interface structures are dynamically allocated based on the environment at the time when the MI is first started. Overhead is also affected if you have SPIs installed or are using DSI logging for user-defined applications. Of course, if the customer is already using OVPA, they could always use OVPA to measure itself by customising the parm file.

Here are a sample of figures for OVPA processes on OVPA/Win systems which are very lightly loaded:

Virt Mem Resident Mem

140288 20972

153600 25548

312320 39044

For CPU utilisation we don't have exact figures again due to the wide range of possible parameters, but typical figures are between 2% and 5% CPU consumption, again with PA installed customer can measure this more precicely based on their exaclt anvironement. A PA trial version is available with a 60 day instant on license.