License Read-only access to Release Control?

  • KM00438641
  • 27-May-2013
  • 27-May-2013

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License Read-only access to Release Control


I have a question regarding the licensing for Release Control.

The “HP IT Change Management Suite”-licenses for Service Manager also includes the right to use Release Control.

So users that are allowed to work with (add/modify) Changes in Service Manager are also allowed to work with Changes in Release Control.

But are there any restrictions in the use of Release Control for read-only access?


When using LDAP integration in Release Control a default role can be used to give access to users that are not yet defined in the user database of Release Control. Is it OK to set that role to “Restricted User” and thus giving anybody read-only access to Release Control?


• This is definitely stretching the bounds of our license intention

o That said, competitive pressure is encouraging increased use of read only access

• From a technical standpoint a Service Manager user may have read only rights to view changes with foundation license only

• from a license standpoint permitting read only access to change would not violate the Software license agreement (SLA)

o this is also a commonly requested extension of ESS

• From an RC tool standpoint allowing similar read only access of RC for Service Manager changes seems reasonable and is line with strategy to blur the boundary between Service Manager and RC


Based on the above, I think we are ok with a statement:


The delivery of read only access to Service Manager change records for Release Control users is authorized. It is important that such access not be used to eliminate the need to purchase Change management licenses as this is a violation of the software license agreement.