Operations Agent 11 and coda

  • KM00438620
  • 27-May-2013
  • 27-May-2013


Operations Agent 11 and coda


We noticed that when you run "ovcodautil -support" the coda agent is disabled. However, all of the policies associated with coda data stores are still being updated by the new PA agent that comes with Agent 11.

They are wondering what the pros/cons of enabling vs. leaving the coda agent disabled are.

Just looking for a quick explanation around the architecture of the Operations Agent 11 and why the traditional coda agent is disabled and yet the OVPA agent is performing its role.


Please have a look at Chapter 4 of the Concepts Guide

It talks about the various operational components, Performance Collection Component, data stores available, where EPC/Coda data store is used.

http://support.microfocus.com/kb/kmdoc.php?id=KM1019422/binary/OpAgent11.0_Concepts.pdf of OA 11.