ALM/ALI licensing

  • KM00434760
  • 22-May-2013
  • 22-May-2013


ALM ALI licensing


If a customer has 43 CC user licenses for QC enterprise edition and all licenses are used by testers to log defects,  can he get 1 license for ALM to get ALI ? Or is it required that he upgrades all other 43 licenses to ALM ?


Only HP ALM edition supports ALI, QC Enterprise edition can't support ALI, customer needs to upgrade his QC Enterprise edition to ALM edition.  QC and ALM licenses cannot co-exist on single deployment instance, 100% licenses have to be QC or ALM. Customer can upgrade portion of QC licenses to ALM with the approval from HP ALM Product Management, but please note that partial ALM upgrade results in a split installation: one server installation becomes QC and a second new installation becomes ALM.