How to disable an Assignment Group

  • KM00434299
  • 21-May-2013
  • 29-Jul-2013


How to disable an Assignment Group


These instructions will disable an assignment group and keep it from displaying in the assignment group dropdown field.


There is not an option to disable an Assignment Group, delete that Assignment Group or modify the link to does not bring this Assignment Groupd when click on fill or search button next to the Assignment Group textbox. Those are the steps to modify the link:

1. Login Service Manager as system administrator
2. Type link in the Service Manager command line
3. Look for probsummary
4. Click on assignment from the list
5. In the option menu click on Select Line
6. In the query field type: $query
7. In the expressions section add the following:
$query="name~#\"Application\" and name~#\"Hardware\""
Note: This example disables the Application and Hardware assignment groups.
8. Save the chances and logout and login Service Manager.