Performance Center license

  • KM00433949
  • 21-May-2013
  • 21-May-2013


Performance Center stand-alone and ALM integrate license


Performance Center 11 shares a common foundation with ALM 11. Customers who own both ALM and PC, have two possible deployment options:

Stand Alone – where PC is not integrated into an existing ALM instance.
Integrated – where PC and ALM are deployed on a shared infrastructure and share data, and capabilities.

For Stand-alone PC, ALM user licenses are not required. For Stand Alone PC, per PC controller includes 1 free PC Lifecycle user to enable ALM platform functionality such as Performance Requirements, Defects, and traceability. Additional PC Lifecycle users can be purchased as add-on.

For PC-ALM Integrated Installation, PC install can be merged with existing or new ALM install at no additional cost. Access to PC is through the existing ALM licenses, ALM drives access to all PC functionality, and each user accessing PC consumes an ALM license, thus ALM user-based licenses are required for PC-ALM Integrated Installation.
When merging PC and ALM, customer will lose free PC Lifecycle users that come with controllers, but add-on purchased PC Lifecycle users will retain. Customer needs to contact HP as New key will be issued to change any purchased PC Lifecycle users to ALM users (no additional cost), if customer merges without getting new key, they lose their PC Lifecycle users. Please note that ALM is licensed geographically and when integrated with PC, PC inherits the geo based licensing model of ALM(global PC access, ALM global user licenses are needed).