Deploying BSM on Virtual Platforms

  • KM00433475
  • 20-May-2013
  • 20-May-2013


Best Practices Document for Deploying BSM and its data collectors on a virtual platform.


What are the best practices for deploying HP Business Service Management (BSM) and its data collectors on virtual platforms?


The attached document describes best practices for deploying BSM and its data collectors on virtual platforms. 

Data collectors that are optional to HP BSM, but cannot be run without HP BSM include:
·         HP Business Process Monitor (BPM)
·         HP Real User Monitor (RUM)
·         HP Transaction Vision (TV)
·         HP BSM Connector
Data collectors that can integrate with HP BSM, but can also be run independently include:
·         HP SiteScope
·         HP Operations Manager (integrates via Operations Manager i)
·         HP Network Node Manager (integrates via Network Node Manager i)
·         HP Diagnostics