Is there a way to change the case sensitive behavior from Asset Manager?

  • KM00430100
  • 16-May-2013
  • 16-May-2013


This is an Oracle behavior and is outside ofAsset Manager control.


Case Sensitivity Settings in Oracle


There is no way to change the case sensitive behavior from Asset Manager . This is an Oracle behavior it is outside of our control.
Asset Manager depends on the backend, so if the backend is case sensitive, the search would be as well. In a case-sensitive database 'A' is not the same as 'a' (different ASCII values). An important point to remember with case sensitivity is that the RDBMS has "final say" regarding the way the data will be stored in the DB. So, even if you can manipulate the case from the front-end application, the RDBMS will store the data using the case sensitivity criteria which is chosen when the RDBMS is first installed.

However, for Assetmanager GUI, you can set the field in AssetManager database Administrator as UPPERCASE, then all lowercase will be converted into uppercase. There is no automatic way to set Upper as a default search, notice that Upper also has disadvantages (indexes are not used in the search, or you need to index a function).

NOTE: In the AssetManager Database Administrator, you can set up a formatting to either Uppercase or Lowercase. However, this agent works "only" in the creation of the field and not the update. For instance, if you change the formatting of field Name in the amEmplDept, the conversion happens only when you add a new employee.
To change the formatting:

1. Login to AssetCenter Database Administrator and under the desired table
2. Select the field
3. Click on script tab, there is a dropdown list called Formatting.