BSM Connector for HP System Insight Manager

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  • 16-May-2013
  • 16-Sep-2013


BSM-C & HP-SIm related


Information about BSM Connector & HP System Insight Manager.


It's possible to download the existing SIM-OM integration from:

 HP Insight Integration for HP Operations Manager for Unix/Linux  


  HP Insight Integration for HP Operations Manager for Windows


An hp passport authentication is needed and a form needs to be filled out in order to obtain the software.


After that, install the “SIM half” on your SIM server and extract the event policy from the “OM half”. This event forwarding policy needs to

be imported into your BSM Connector 9.20 using its import policy function.

You need to select both files during import:

  - HPSIM_Events_data

  - HPSIM_Events_header.xml


The events will be forwarded to your BSM Server, however there will be no CI hints and/or ETI/HI hints populated (that’s the “alpha” part),

so host resolution uses the nodeinfo and falls back to the host.


There is a separate DDM integration that could be used to populate/sync CIs covered by SIM into BSM’s RTSM.

Prefferably, the BSM Connector needs to be installed on the HP SIM system, as SIM SNMP traps can be captrured immediately from the HP SIM system. In order to capture the correct event, the HP SIM MIB's should be used when configuring the trap interceptor policy in the HP BSM Connector. 

Please see the following document : How to enable BSM Connector SNMP trap logging :