How to restart smart repository migration after project upgrade in ALM 11

  • KM00429305
  • 15-May-2013
  • 16-May-2013


This document describes how to restart smart repository migration for an upgraded project in ALM 11 that did not switch to optimized repository structure.


It is possible that a project upgraded to Application Lyfecycle Management (ALM) 11 has a repository that was not migrated to smart repository structure.

This may be due for example when the parameter "PR_SMART_REPOSITORY_ENABLED" tag in the dbid.xml file was modified to “Y” before running the upgrade instead leaving it to “N”. As a result there are two reposiotry folders (legacy and smart) present and both are used. As a consequence in ALM 11 Site admin ->Tools -> Repository migration status window  the progress remained 0% and didn’t start at all.


There is a way to restart repository migration of these projects by following the steps:

1. Remove the project.

2. Change the value of property “PR_SMART_REPOSITORY_ENABLED” in the dbid.xml to “PENDING_MIGRATION”


3. Restore the project. The repository migration should start at this point. Check the progress from ALM 11 Site admin ->Tools -> Repository migration status

4. Activate Project (It could be activated at any time after restore i.e. not needed for repository migration process)