DP - DB2 Backup is failing

  • KM00426538
  • 11-May-2013
  • 11-May-2013

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DB2 integration running on Linux produces error


[Major] From: OB2BAR_DB2BAR@mysys.hp.com "db2inst1" Time: 6/8/2012 13:56:59
DB2 returned error:
SQL2007N Specified buffersize of "8" 4K buffers is too small for "32768"
size object.


DB2 buffer sizes were set to the defaults

[199] Environment variable OB2_DB2BUFFNUM not found
[199] Keeping default value = 2
[199] Environment variable OB2_DB2BUFFSIZE not found
[199] Keeping default value = 8


Add these lines to the file


on the DB2 Server


Note: Buffer size during restore must be same or positive integer multiple of backup buffer size. If you increase the buffer number or size, you can encounter SQL2009C error. If you do encounter it, change database configuration parameter UTIL_HEAP_SZ. It should be bigger than buffer size * buffernum. Because now default buffer size is smaller, it has to be set via OB2_DB2BUFFSIZE to 1024, while restoring backup images performed before the changes.