DP- Problem with Import of HPUX client

  • KM00426537
  • 11-May-2013
  • 11-May-2013

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Was able to import 2 other HPUX clients, but one is failing with error



[Critical] <server05.mysys.com>  [110:101] Client import failed!

Alsmost every concievable combination of changing hostnames, enabling Secure Shell (SSH) was tried, nothing seems to work


Started examining the differences between a HPUX client that did import correctly 'server04' and one that fails 'server05'

Ran 'swlist -l products" to produce lists of PHKL, PHCO and PHSS patches and it was found

   PHCO_32761          1.0            libc cumulative patch <-very old libc patch dated 2005/06/13
   PHCO_35743          1.0            libc cumulative patch


Installed the most current 'libc cumulative' patch, and now, the client could be successfully imported

If having problems importing a client, check the HPUX patch level to be sure that it is current