SiteScope Java Out of Memory

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  • 03-May-2013
  • 03-May-2013

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Java Out of memory, how to increase and how much increase


Error Java outofmemory:
Before to increase the memory is important to know how much memory we can increase in our system. The table below is a representation of how much memory you can assign to Java SiteScope, and do not have problems with your OS.
Linux / Unix
60% Physical Memory
1536 Mb Physical Mem
Linux / Unix
60% Physical Memory
60% Physical Memory
1024 Mb Physical Mem
60% Physical Memory
Example if you have 8 Gb of Ram:
Windows 2008 R2 64Bits + SiteScope 11.x 64Bits to 4915Mb
Windows 2008 R2 64Bits + SiteScope 11.x 32Bits to 1024Mb
Windows 2003 32 Bits + SiteScope 11.x 32Bits to 1024Mb
Windows 2003 32 Bits + SiteScope 10.x to 1536Mb
RedHat 64Bits + SiteScope 11.x 64 bits to 4915Mb
RedHat 32Bits + SiteScope 11.x 32Bits to 4915Mb
RedHat 64 Bits + SiteScope 10.x 32bits to 4915Mb
How to assign more Memory in Windows
It has 2 ways to increase the memory assigned to SiteScope.
Recommended option:
The recommendation is to run Configuration tools from Start / All Programs / HP SiteScope / Configuration Tool or execute on <SiteScope_Folder>\tools\Config_tool.bat. On the window we must to select Sizing and follow the steps related into this screen. Using this option, SiteScope automatically, will increase the memory to the recommended to your system.
Not recommended option:
Please follow those steps and do not modify anything else!
1.        Open Regedit, and browse for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HP SiteScope\serviceParam.
2.        Edit the default value, copy it on TXT file and do a backup of the text
Note: Use plain text and save it with for example , please do not use Wordpad.
3.        Search for “ -Xmx512m” and modify the value to “-Xmx4096m”. With this step we already modify the assigned memory to 4Gb.
How to assign more Memory in Linux
The only way to increase the SiteScope Memory is editing the file /opt/HP/SiteScope/bin/start-service and /opt/HP/SiteScope/bin/start-monitor
1.      Do a copy of the file /opt/HP/SiteScope/bin/start-service
2.      Do a copy of the file / opt/HP/SiteScope/bin/start-monitor
3.      Edit the file start-service and start-monitor with vi or nano, and at the end of the end of the file we must to found a line with -Xmx512m, we recommend to modify this file to -Xmx1024m and start SiteScope service with ./start on /opt/HP/SiteScope/ and check on error.log and server_statistics.log if the service starts correctly and if the memory assigned is fine.
4.      If the service starts fine, stop the service using ./stop on /opt/HP/SiteScope/ and increase 1024mb more the file service-monitor, is not necessary to increase again service-start. Check again if the memory assigned is fine, editing the file error.log and server_statistics.log