HP Server Automation
Standard Edition

Software version: 10.0 / June 2013

SAVA Documentation Library

Welcome to HP Server Automation Virtual Appliance (SAVA), also known as Server Automation Standard Edition.

The SAVA Documentation Library provides the most up-to-date version of SAVA documents available on the HP Software Product Manuals portal. To preview and download the file, click the DOWNLOAD ↓ link.

Read First!
SAVA Release Notes Provides an overview of the release and contains important information that is not included in the manuals or online help.

This file can be downloaded from the HP Software Product Manuals portal.

Getting Started
SAVA at a Glance Provides a snapshot of the features and functionality in SAVA and references to relevant Server Automation documentation.
Installation and Administration
SAVA Installation and Administration Describes how to install and administer the appliance interface.

SAVA Command-line Web APX Describes how to configure and use the command-line Web APX for SAVA.
User Guides
SA Documentation Library Access the SA Documentation Library for the latest documentation for HP Server Automation 10.0 Entreprise Edition available on the HP Software Product Manuals portal. SAVA uses the same documentation as the enterprise edition of SA, plus the SAVA-specific documents listed in this catalog.

There are two editions of HP Server Automation:

  • HP Server Automation (SA) is the Enterprise Edition of Server Automation. For information about Server Automation, see the SA Release Notes and the SA User Guide: Server Automation.
  • HP Server Automation Virtual Appliance (SAVA) is the Standard Edition of Server Automation. For more information about what SAVA includes, see the SAVA Release Notes and the SAVA at a Glance Guide.
SAVA Support and Comaptibility Matrix Lists the supported platforms for this release of SAVA.

See also: Support Matrices

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