Network Node Manager i (NNMi) / Smart Plug In Performance for Traffic: How to calculate packet and flow rates when you don't have Traffic SPI's in built flow analysis tool.

  • KM00416781
  • 28-Apr-2013
  • 08-Nov-2013


This document describes a way to determine packet rates and flow rates in a setup where iSPI Performance for Traffic is going to be installed.


When an iSPI Performance for Traffic Deployment is being planned, it would be useful to know what are the packet rates and flow rates on the deployment before going ahead with procuring the necessary hardware as described by the iSPI Performance for Traffic Support Matrix.
Until recently, the only methods available were:-
1. Wireshark Traces (which is cumbersome), and
2. I
nstall the software itself, then calculate the packet and flow rates hitting the Traffic Leaf Server by using the "nnmtrafficflowanalysistool.ovpl" script (which is also fairly tedious considering that it requires a full scale installation of the software plus its multiple components).

Now, there is a simpler, third way to do this, and that is by using the stand-alone flow-analysis-tool java-executable file.


  1. Download and install the latest version of Java, either on any server which will be used for the tests, or on the server on which the Traffic SPI Leaf Component (Traffic SPI Leaf collector instances) will be setup.
  2. Download the nms-traffic-spi-reader stand-alone java-executable on to a local server. The name of the file that gets downloaded is "nms-spi-traffic-reader-". It can be changed to something simpler and shorter, like "flowtester.jar".
  3. Copy "flowtester.jar" to the Java bin directory of the test server.
  4. Execute the command "java -cp flowtester.jar com.hp.ov.nms.spi.traffic.reader.TrafficDataReceiver <option>", where "<option>" is one of the following:-
    help: prints the file's usage instructions.
    display: lists the network interfaces available on the host.
    collect: starts to check and collect flow data received. This option must be used in conjunction with the mandatory "<interface_address>" and "<port>" options, along with an optional "<duration>" option.

To analyse packet and flow rates for 1 minute, on a server whose IP address is, accepting flow data on port 9996, the following command is used:-

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin>java -cp flowtester.jar com.hp.ov.nms.spi.traffic.reader.TrafficDataReceiver collect 9996 1
User input : intf port 9996 and duration 1 minute(s)

Checking for packets on
No packets received in 60 seconds. Trying again...
No packets received in 60 seconds. Trying again...
No packets received in 60 seconds. Trying again...
Statistics for Netflow/IPFIX during the last 1 min(s) :
For SFlow packets please ignore record rate and avg recort rate

Total Packets received : 0
Total records received : 0
Average packet rate : 0 packets/sec
Average record rate : 0 records/sec
No records arriving. No recommendation possible
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