"File Not Found" Error Triggered When Running OS Buid Plan

  • KM00401980
  • 10-Apr-2013
  • 04-May-2021


You have a server that is about to be provisioned in the Unprovisioned Servers pool and when executing the 'Run Os Build Plan' action against it, there's a 'File Not Found' error message in the newly opened window.


When trying to run OS Build Plan from the SA Java Client, the error is: "File Not Found".



Although the user has all permissions and privileges to perform any opperation in SA, this still indicates a permissions issue.


The fix is to grant the user with permissions for the OS Provisioning folder also:

1. Into the SA Java Client go to Library and select By Folder -> Opsware -> Tools -> OS Provisioning

2. Right click the folder and choose Folder Properties and go to Permissions

3. Choose the User/User Group accordingly and grant read, write and execute permissions for the objects within the folder.