opcforwm causing high CPU on OML 9.10

  • KM00398978
  • 04-Apr-2013
  • 05-Apr-2013


Communication issue between the Operations Manager (OM) Source Server and Operations Manager (OM) Target Server causing high Central Processing Unit (CPU) usage on Source OM server.


The below error message is displayed in the System.txt file on Operations Manager (OM) Source Server:

   0: ERR: Wed Mar 27 11:24:47 2013: opcforwm (30585/47957159562832):
   [msgopwrap.cpp:2752]: A problem occurred while sending bulk: OvBbcSnf::StoreFailedException. (OpC40-1319)


A communication issue between the Source OM Server and Target OM Server caused high CPU usage on Source OM server.
Target OM Server was not reachable for some time, which caused forwmgrq fail to encrease its size:

   #ls -alh /var/opt/OV/share/tmp/OpC/mgmt_sv/forwmgrq
   -rw------- 1 root root 95M Mar 27 14:36 /var/opt/OV/share/tmp/OpC/mgmt_sv/forwmgrq


1. Confirm the connection to Target OM Server is restored, by executing on Source OM Server:

   #opcragt -status <OM_Target_Srv>
   #ovbbccb -ping

2. Restart the Source OM server process and clear the queue files:

   #ovc -kill
   #rm -f /var/opt/OV/share/tmp/OpC/mgmt_sv/*
   #rm -f /var/opt/OV/tmp/OpC/*
   #rm -f /var/opt/OV/tmp/public/OpC/*
   #rm -f /var/opt/OV/share/tmp/OpC/distrib/*
   #ovc –start