Local Installation Failed Contact your system administrator

  • KM00395168
  • 29-Mar-2013
  • 29-Mar-2013


some users are not able to install the HP ALM Client. they get an error "Local Installation Failed Contact your system administrator"


As reviewed the LoaderLog file, there are related information

CLoader CLoader::DownloadLocalIniMergeAndCompareWithServer Finshed download and comparison of local setup file. Comparison has failed, setup ini files on server are diffrent than local setup ini files. This might be because server version is diffrent than local version rr because some of setup ini files failed to download. 

CLoader CLoader::IssueLocalRepositorySynchErrorMessage Local Installation Package is not synched with server: client side files are different or missing

CProxyILoaderEvents Fire_OnFailure Fire_OnFailure(message=Local installation has failed. Contact your system administrator. For details, see the Loader log file.)

Thus, we found that the user is using the old msi package with the patch, which is not matched with the server.


i. Recommended users to use the MSI generator to create a new MSI package with the latest patch and then deploy it to the users.

ii. uninstall the previous client components using the uninstall utility before install the MSI on the client machine.

& the issue got resolved.