Error "Error downloading OTA dlls "

  • KM00383244
  • 12-Mar-2013
  • 12-Mar-2013

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


The following error is reported in Migration Tool 11.5 "Error downloading OTA dlls "


During Performance Center Migration process , the following error is reported

MigrationLogic.Activities.Validation.ValidateQcConnection.ValidateLabConnection(MigrationSettings settings, List`1 validationList)

2013-03-12 11:18:55,070 [5600] [6] ERROR HP.PC.QCConnectivity.OTADownloader - Error downloading OTA dlls [Context: 14f750a9-221a-4c25-ba75-a6394b5b95c1] [FullContext: (null)]

System.Exception: Failed to create activation context with error:2 Manifest:ALM_OTAOnly.manifest

at HP.QC.InternalIntegration.ActivationContextProvider.Initialize(String deploymentFolder, String flavorName)

at HP.QC.InternalIntegration.QCConnectivityHelper.CreateAndInitAcitvationContextProvider()


For some security restrictions, sometimes it is not possible to launch the ALM application from the server of the ALM Platform.


It looks like OTAClient.dll is not registered from some reason.
To workaround this, go to the PC Server machine, open ALM add-in page and download and install ALMConnectivity Add-in.This will force registering that dll.