Old record in the run table of the OO database

  • KM00365833
  • 22-Feb-2013
  • 22-Feb-2013


This article explains how to manually remove a record from the run table.


The Operations Orchestration (OO) run table shows an entry for flow "General Rescheduler OO Flows", exec_state=6. However, this flow run is not being seen in Current Run tab from Central web graphical user interface. How can this flow run be manually cleared from the OO database?


Locate the run_id for the run.  In the following example, this is "123456".  

Execute this query to find out if there is any run_history data for the run:

select * from run inner join run_history on run.oid = run_history.run_id  where run.oid = 123456

You may find that there is no history for the run and then you delete the record from the run table:

delete from run where oid = 123456

There are no side effects of deleting this record.  It seems that this record in this state should have been removed from the run table since it will not be picked up by the orphaned run monitor thread.