SSO Not working when launching NA from NNMi

  • KM00286903
  • 08-Jan-2013
  • 08-Jan-2013

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Single Sign On (SSO) does not function correctly when launching HP Network Automation (NA) from the HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) console.


After setting up NA / NNMi integration and SSO, cross-launching NA from within the NNMi console may still not automatically log the user in to NA.

This is observed as the NA window opening, but presenting the login screen.


In order for SSO to function correctly when cross-launching NA from NNMi, two steps must be confirmed:

1. The NNMi session must be launched using the FQDN of the NNMi server.

2. The FQDN of the NA server (rather than IP or short hostname) must be specified in the integration module configuration setup from within the NNMi console under:

Integration Module Configuration -> Hp NA -> NA Host: