How should each Performance Center component be configured when configuring monitoring over the firewall

  • KM00221247
  • 23-Nov-2012
  • 24-Sep-2013


An example is provided showing how to configure Performance Center to configure monitoring over the firewall.


How should each Performance Center component be configured to set up monitoring over the Firewall environment?


The following steps show how to configure monitoring over the firewall. In this example the components used are:

MI Listener          :
Monitored server:

Follow these steps to configure Performance Center:

1) A Location with "Over Firewall" option should be set up in Lab Management;

image text

2) MI Listener should be configured on Lab Management with required purposes;

image text

3) A Monitor over the Firewall should be defined in the Test Resources with the required MI Listener and Machine Key;

image text

4) MI Listener configuration is not changed and set up as default;

image text

5) The configuration on Load Generator should have the "Enable Firewall Agent" option checked and MI Listener and Local Machine Key should be defined. Monitor Configuration should be set up;

image text

Detailed information can be found on the Performance Center Installation Guide "Working with Firewalls" Chapter.