How to set the URM logs on DEBUG?

  • KM00216137
  • 12-Nov-2012
  • 24-Dec-2014


This article describes how to set the URM logs on DEBUG and an overview of their contents


How can the HP Universal CMDB (uCMDB) URM logs be set on DEBUG? What information do the URM logs contain?


      All logs are under the runtime\logs\ directory, during upgrade the logs are created under upgrade-runtime\logs\ directory
      There are 3 different URM logs:
ur   URm.log
      Opened by default - INFO based log.
      Writes URM startup information
      Registered types - list of all the registered types
      Registered listeners:
       List of all the registered listeners, and the types they listen to
       Added/removed listener
      Loading information:
       Started/finished, (regular and offline urms)
       Number of resources in DB to be loaded
       Number of resources in the cache
ur   URm_audit.log
      Open by default, INFO based level
      logs on every commit
      which resource was changed : customerId, resourceType, resourceId, changeType (Saved/deleted)
      who changed it : need  to have the callerApplication (+loggedInUser) that made the changes
ur   URm_detailed.log
 –      Contains also all the info from urm.log and urm_audit.log
–      Closed by default - debug based log
–      In order to open, change urmloglevel to debug
–      Should have detailed description on everything that happened
–      Opening to trace will give more verbose information
–      On debug:
•       Saved/removed resources
•       Cascades: updateonupdate, updateondelete, deleteondelete
•       default tenant and rta of external resources
•       Transaction violation error
•       Notify to listeners names
•       Precommit – how many changes, and how many (and which) resources that were added and removed on the same transaction
•       Resources that were committed (the audit data of these resources (what is the change(insert/remove/update), who made the change (caller application, logged in user), which resource)
•       Getincomingdependencies (how many, by types)
      Very important:
      When changing the log level open the C:\hp\UCMDB\UCMDBServer\conf\ file
      Find the string urmLoglevel= and change the log level on this variable only
      You can set the level to DEBUG when a lot of logs are required, but make sure to return it back after the problem was solved as it can be very intensive