How to exclude Operators and Contacts from searches that are disable in Service Manager

  • KM00206178
  • 15-Oct-2012
  • 29-Jul-2013


How can operators and contacts that are disabled, not appear in searches when assigning a case?


How can disabled operators and contacts be set to not appear in searches when assigning a case? Is this possible without deleting the records?


In the operator's table the field called Administrative Lockout, will display if the operator is active or not.

1. Confirm that the operator that is not longer active in the company has the Administrative Lockout checked

2. For each module link (cm3r, cm3t, probsummary, incidents, etc) look for the field:

3. In the option menu click on Select Line

4. in the expressions tab add next to line $query=$query + "and ess.access.only#false and template.operator#false)" the following line: and (man.lockout.user#false or nullsub(man.lockout.user), so the line should be like this: $query=$query + "and ess.access.only#false and template.operator#false and (man.lockout.user#false or nullsub(man.lockout.user))" 

In the contacts table administrative lockou can be added by following these steps:

1. Login Service Manager as System Administrator

2. Go to dbdict

3. Look for contacts table

4. Add a new field as boolean (this field will determine if the contact is active or not, use a representative name i.e., Administative Lockout )

5. Add the field in the form contacts.g

6. Perform a mass update and check this field for all the contacts

7. One by one uncheck this field for the contacts that are not available

8. Look for the links that are going to use the contacts table (,,,,, ocmq.view.summary.quote)

9. In each link find: request.for, click on it and in the option menu click on Select Line

10. In the query field add: $query

In the expression's tab add: $query=[field in the dbdict that you added]#true