Important Nodes Group was Deleted

  • KM00205867
  • 10-Oct-2012
  • 10-Oct-2012

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Need to recreate Important Nodes Group for older NNMI versions


On older versions of NNMI, customers were able to delete the Important Nodes Group. If the customer wanted nonSNMP nodes to transition to critical, this group would need to be used by APA.

Recreation of the group does not work. How can the customer get the Important Nodes group back?


Here are the step to get the Important Nodes group back.

1-stage another system with NNMi with same version and patch level. (Clean system).

2-delete all groups except for the important nodes group on the staged system.

3- export the Important Nodes group from that system and import it into your

current system where the group was deleted. This is the only way to do this aside from a new installation of the product.


From our Labs: 

The only  solution is to import this node group from another system.     

To ensure that only the “Important Nodes” group is exported from another system, you would first delete all node groups except the “Important Nodes” group from another system , and then do the export with  the command,

Nnmconfigexport –c nodegroup  -f <filename>


Then import this with nnmconfigimport  -f <filename> .