No Real Time Data Being Transferred From Staging Data Replicator

  • KM00200718
  • 12-Sep-2012
  • 19-Sep-2012


Staging Data Replicator (SDR) is not transferring data from Production BSM system to Staging BSM system


The customer's staging upgrade to BSM 9.13 is complete, but no data is appearing from the production system.  The [HPBSM]\log\sdreplicator\sdreplicator_all.log shows:

2012-09-06 14:24:06,891 [DBLoader Statistics Thread] ( INFO  -

--Statistics for: TranslatorCore - (Translator Statistics) (collected over 30 min. 775 ms.):

    Input EPS (Last Hour)    : 0

    Input EPS (Last 10 Min)  : 0

    Input EPS (Last Minute)  : 0

No data being processed.


There are a few steps to troubleshoot this:

  1. Ensure that there is network connectivity between the production (old) system and the staging system
    1. Ping the production server:
      1. Ping the production Gateway (GW) Server from the Staging server using the production Gateway Server’s short name. If this works, continue to step 1.2. If it does not work, continue with step 1.1.2.
      2. Ping the Production Gateway Server from the Staging Gateway server using the Production Gateway Server’s fully qualified domain name. If this works, open the relevant hosts file for your operating system and add the mapping between the Production Gateway Server name and its IP address
    2. Verify connection:
      1. Production Gateway Server runs Windows: Run ipconfig on the production Gateway Server.  Production Gateway Server runs Solaris/Linux: Run ifconfig -a on the Production Gateway Server.
      2. Verify all the listed IP addresses are open to connection to and from the Staging Gateway Server.  If this is not feasible, contact HP Software Support.
      3. Verify that the ports 383, 1098, 1099, 2506, and 2507 are open on the Staging GW server.
    3. Validate HTTP communications work correctly:
      1. Open the Production Server's BSM application from a browser on the Staging GW Server
      2. Open the Staging Server's BSM application from a browser on the Production GW Server
  2. If the network connectivity checks out and SDR is still not working, we need to make sure the server names were entered correctly.  On the Staging Gateway server, open the [HPBSM]\SDR\SDR\8.x\conf\b2g_translator.xml file.
    1. Examine the <BusServer host=> tag in this file.  Is the host system for this parameter your Production Gateway Server?  If not, continue the process below...
    2. If the server name is incorrect:
      1.  Stop the Staging Data Replicator from the upgrade wizard
      2. Edit the SDR Settings - Staging Data Replicator Configraration page in the upgrade wizard and change the Production Gateway Server machine name to the correct server for the Production Gateway server
      3. Click on the Next> buttons to continue withe the new SDR configuration and restart the Staging Data Replicator
  3. If neither of these provide a solution
    1. Retreive the logs off of your Gateway server by running [HPBSM]/tools/LogGrabber/go.bat
    2. Contact HP Software Support