Employee Validation Username vs email address Help File

  • KM00011R
  • 14-Sep-2018
  • 17-Sep-2018

This document is under revision.


The Cornwall project move of the MySupport website from HPE infrastructure to MFI infrastructure planned for Sep 22, 2018 is expected to shift MySupport from using a field prompting for email to using a field prompting for Username when validating employee status.


Because of a difference in the default data that MFI (Micro Focus International) stores for employees in the enterprise directory's distinguished name field,
when compared with the default data that HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) stores for employees in the same field . . . 
MySupport's Employee Validation form had to change to prompt for 'Username' instead of for 'email address' to validate employee status.

The 'Username' used by MFI for employee validation normally equates to the Windows Domain Account name used to login to personal PCs.

The 'Username' is typically an eight character long or shorter alphanumeric string.

The 'Username' can also be looked up by employees using the MFI intranet resource at: