Micro Focus Customer Support IDOL / FIND Search Pilot

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  • 22-Jan-2019
  • 07-Oct-2020


This document describes a Micro Focus Customer Support Search Pilot based on the IDOL and FIND products. IDOL indexes documents, and FIND searches them. Once proven in pilot, IDOL / FIND is expected to eventually replace today's diverse customer-facing support web search tools.


Last updated 07-Oct-2020
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Provide feedback on the search pilot using the feedback link on MySupport, at the bottom of this page, in the Additional Information section.  FAQ


Overview   One Page User Guide.

Micro Focus includes many previously independent products and businesses. In many cases product support websites have not been consolidated. This creates challenges efficiently finding support for individual products in the broad and growing portfolio. This IDOL/FIND pilot targets indexing all of the product support content across the dozens of still active and separate, customer-facing websites so they can be searched from one user interface. We hope IDOL / FIND will consolidate the various search tools in use today across these websites as well as showcase the IDOL and FIND software that Micro Focus sells.



Feedback summary
  • From October 8 - October 13, 2020, the index will be rebuilt, resulting in partial search results during this period
  • Beginning with the September 2019 update, we post publication/change date in FIND rather than index date.
  • We are investigating supporting a select all and deselect function in FIND filters to improve usability.
  • We will add ability to save searches once we integrate the pilot with Access Manager login credentials.
  • The FILTERS text box may be used to type the first letter(s) of a sought product (or document type or language etc) to make the long lists of choices shortened to jump to the list entries desired
  • Once a first FILTERS selection is made, the text used to limit the FILTERS value must be manually cleared to allow other filter selections to list. This is not intuitive. We are looking at auto-clearing the FILTERS typed text once a selection is made.

1. Why is Micro Focus piloting a new search?

  • To showcase Micro Focus' own IDOL and FIND software. IDOL indexes content, FIND searches content.
  • Modernize existing and varied searches present on individual websites with industry standard and leading features.
  • Include the diverse and discrete Micro Focus product sales and support websites from one unified search.

2. What is new in this search pilot?

3a. What content beyond MySupport is included in this search pilot?


3b. How does more customer-facing content get added?
  • To have additional customer-facing content considered for inclusion, please log feedback using the Feedback button / link for this document, including the URL of interest. Accepted content targets will be added to the Future Plans list below
3c. Will entitled (contractual) content be added?
  • Entitled customer-facing content (for example customer support cases, downloadable licensed software...) is under consideration. IDOL / FIND offers security features to facilitate this delivery. This is dependent on integrations between single sign on (Access Manager) and our entitlement systems expected Spring 2020.

4. What are the future plans for this search pilot?


  • Support individual customer saved searches and preferences, dependent on Spring 2020 entitlement integration.
  • Include customer-entitled data, such as support cases, dependent on Spring 2020 entitlement integration.
  • Include training, education, videos and other rich media (late 2019)

5. How to I try the pilot?
  One Page User Guide.


  • Visit MySupport  https://mysupport.microfocus.com
  • Use the Sign In menu 
  • Review a One Page User Guide.
  • Click the Resources / IDOL Search Pilot menu / Try Search Pilot menus
  • Enter your search term selections, narrow and fine tune your search 
  • Provide Feedback using the feedback button/links associated with this document

6. How do I provide feedback and what will Micro Focus do with it?


  • Use the feedback button/link associated with this document, to provide feedback
  • The pilot will evolve based on feedback 
  • Changes will be documented in these Frequently Asked Questions

7. Are there minimum requirements to participate in the pilot? 

  • Supported browsers include:
    • Internet Explorer 11 (IE versions 10 and earlier are not supported)
    • Google Chrome
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Firefox

8. What is new since the pilot began?


  • February 2019 Update ... Initial internal deployment date March 11, 2019
  • March 2019 Update ... Corrected erroneous product data in Products parametric field.
  • April 2019 Update ... Updated customer pilot re-release target July 2019. 
  • May 2019 Update ... Stopped indexing customer PII with ERs.
  • July 2019 Update ...Incorporated customer feedback to reflect update date rather than index date in search results
  • September 2019 Update ... Addressed compare function defect
  • October 2020 Update ... Full reindex using simplified and consolidated list of 250 products across MFI