MySupport menu comparison with Software Support Online (SSO)

  • KM00004
  • 12-Jun-2018
  • 18-Jun-2018


This document compares the Software Support Online website menus (active thru June 2018) with the go forward MySupport website menus (July 2018 and beyond)


Below are two options for reviewing the menu changes to Software Support Online (SSO)
which occur with the July 2018 redesign and launch of new MySupport menus.

Please select your preferred reference document if you need help locating specific functionality on the new site.

1) You may review a printable (on 8.5 inch x 14 inch / 216mm x 356mm paper) reference.

English SSO and MySupport Menu Remapping     (docx English)
Japanese SSO and MySupport Menu Remapping (docx Japanese)

2) You may open an interactive reference which allows clicking on an image of the original menus, which will highlight the relevant new menu.

English SSO and MySupport Menu Comparisons      (ppsx English)
Japanese SSO and MySupport Menu Comparisons  (ppsx Japanese)

To use the interactive reference, click on the attachment link above, and once displayed, click on the SSO menu option of interest, depicted on the left.
The replacement MySupport menu option will be highlighted in red on the right.

 image text