Knowledge Base Search Help

Search Syntax

The following search syntax can be used to narrow your search results. Enclose exact words or phrases in double quotes.

Operator Example Description
" " "Abend when migrating GroupWise cluster" If a word or phrase is enclosed in quotation marks, documents are returned by the search if they contain the entire string "as is". In this case only documents with "Abend when migrating GroupWise cluster" will be returned.
OR GroupWise OR abend This is the default operation if none is specified. One of the words on either side of the 'OR' operator need to be in the document. This query would return documents which contain either "GroupWise" or "abend" or both. (Note that the 'OR' must be all uppercase).
AND GroupWise AND abend The words on either side of the 'AND' operator must be present in the document for it to be returned. In this example, the query would only return documents which contain both GroupWise and abend. (Note that the 'AND' must be all uppercase)
NOT GroupWise NOT abend If a search term is immediately preceded by the 'NOT' operator, only documents that do not contain that term will be returned. This example query would return documents which contain "GroupWise" but not "abend". (Note that the 'NOT' must be all uppercase)
* Group* An asterisk following all or part of a word outside quotation marks acts as a wildcard. This is helpful if searching for a filename where you might not know the file type extension. An asterisk is needed for all partial word searches.

Advanced Search - Content Types

By default, only the support knowledge base articles (Technical Information Documents) are searched. In Advanced Search, depending on the product, additional content types may be available to search:

Article icon Articles and tips: Articles from blogs (such as Cool Solutions), white papers, or similar publications.

Forums icon Forums: Information from support forum discussion threads.

Patches/Security icon Patch Downloads: Patch readmes, including security patch notices.

Documentation icon Documentation: Product and developer documentation.

TID icon Support KB Article: Knowledge Base articles / Technical information documents (TIDs), including Security Alerts() and Top Issues ().

To select multiple items in the list, use control+click on Windows (or command+click on Mac OS).