What is the LDAPCE.exe tool?

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  • 20-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
NSL 6.1sp1
SecureLogin installed in LDAP mode with AD as datastore


What is the LDAPCE.exe tool?


The LDAPCE.exe tool is an unsupported command line utility that is provided to encrypt the LDAP credentials used by SecureLogin and SL Manager (the management interface) to browse the LDAP directory tree.

This utility can be used when non-anonymous binds are mandated for directory connections. For non-anonymous bind deployments, an LDAP account is specified to allow SecureLogin Manager to connect to the directory.

Please see the SecureLogin Installation and Deployment Guide for LDAP for more information on LDAP deployment options and this utility.

As stated in the documentation, "the ldapce.exe  utility is unsupported and is only available on request.  It is not distributed with Novell SecureLogin package."  LDAPCE is available upon request from Novell Technical Services.  Note that LDAPCE has been tested (and works) in an Active Directory environment, but has not been tested in an eDirectory environment.