How do I interpret 800xxxxx errors?

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  • 20-Aug-2009
  • 17-Jan-2014

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How do I interpret 800xxxxx errors?



800xxxxx errors (with SecureLogin) are usually caused by a communications problem between SecureLogin and the MS COM layer.

A full listing of error codes can be found at:

There is no easy answer on how to diagnose or fix the 800xxxxx errors. The errors can be caused by a number of issues ranging from a timing problem within an application definition to a problem with the registration of MS COM.

You can download the Windows Error Lookup Tool (welt.exe) from:

Issues we have experienced:

80040002: Problem with MS COM re-registering oleaut32.dll fixed the issue.

8007000E: Event viewer full/disk full clearing the event viewer has helped.

80070005: Timing issue within 6.0.x SecureLogin code. Fixed from 6.0.103 onwards.

Further information

Recently testing has found that a corrupted Group Policy may cause timing and COM related errors.

To test whether there is a problem with one of the group policies you can:

  1. Login normally;
  2. If you receive an 800xxxxx error;
  3. Close ALL SL services (slproto.exe, slwinsso.exe, slbroker.exe);
  4. Navigate to c:\documents and settings\user name\application data\securelogin\grouppolicies;
  5. Delete or rename the first policy (from *.xml to *.old);
  6. Start slproto.exe manually (Start/Run/slproto.exe) see if the error still occurs;
  7. If it does error (again make sure all services are ended) navigate back to the directory and delete or rename the second policy;
  8. Again start slproto.exe manually and see if the error occurs;
  9. If the error does reoccur continue on until all policies have been deleted or renamed;
  10. If you are still receiving errors after deleting or renaming all policies, please contact ActivIdentity Support.