Why can’t I see the security preferences when launching "Manage Logins" from the SecureLogin system tray icon?

  • 7940902
  • 20-Aug-2009
  • 24-Jan-2014


SecureLogin SSO
v6.0.110 and later
Microsoft Windows



Why can't I see the security preferences when launching the SecureLogin personal management tool from the system tray?



The user could see some preferences but not others when accessing the SecureLogin icon via the system tray. For example, they could not view any security preferences.

The personal management utility only allows viewing of some SSO preferences. Only administrators that have the management tools and the preferences to allow them access to SecureLogin data are able to view all preferences.

All preferences can be viewed from SecureLogin management tools such as the MMC snapin in a Microsoft environment or SecureLogin Manager for other LDAP v3 compliant directories.